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"Before Abraham was, I AM" John 8:58  

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About Me

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an "inactive" Mormon or member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  By any "sound" definition, Mormons are Christians in the most rudimentary sense; a point that I prefer not waste my time arguing.  In fact, speaking in general terms and rather objectively, I am not aware of any Christian group (as a whole) that puts more focus, love and emphasis on the Lord and bringing people closer to Him.  This is not to suggest that Mormons are without faults; like most other Christian or religious groups, followers of the faith come in all "shapes and sizes" and varying levels of intelligence, virtue and good character.

I am not a Biblical or religious scholar, neither do I profess to have any great depth of knowledge of any religion or faith, including my own as a member of the LDS Church.  No doubt, some people who may be familiar with and might be opposed to any parts of "LDS" teachings will perhaps criticize and dismiss my own personal views as being "influenced", biased, typical or false "Mormon" doctrine.  Although "my own" core beliefs are admittedly very "LDS" based, please keep in mind that I am not a typical "follower". I am not afraid to "respectfully" question accepted beliefs, practices and teachings or doggedly examine my own faith or religion as a "Mormon" (just ask my wife). Neither am I afraid to question it's history or even it's leaders, past or present. God knows the difference between the questions of a humble heart and an open mind, and those of a proud or hardened heart with an obtrusively intellectual or doubting mind. He does not punish honest truth seekers and faith does not always have to be blind.

My Personal Beliefs


The Reasons for This Site


Mission Statement and Objectives

The Primary Objective

  • Most importantly, this project for me, is an opportunity to bare my witness or "testimony" and share knowledge of things that I believe to be true, relevant and important to our time, with my my family, friends and the rest of the world.  This testimony at its' most basic level is simply that God lives and that He loves us enough to have sent His Beloved Divine Son, Jesus Christ, who taught us the greatest truths ever heard; and then ultimately, through terrible suffering and humiliation, paid the price of our sins, so that we could return into His presence.

The Other Objectives . . .

  • It represents an exciting discovery and learning opportunity as I continue to do research and get feedback from those who may be interested to leave comments or share their own knowledge and beliefs.  I welcome corrections and opinions and want to compare notes.  I welcome honest and knowledgeable criticism.  I want more relevant or new information.  This is a journey, I don't have all the answers.

  • I want to share what I have discovered and learned along with my own opinion on a variety of religious issues, including "hot" and often debated topics like abortion, the right to die/assisted suicide, gay marriage, human sexuality, intelligent creation vs. evolution, etc.

  • I want to help disseminate the most accurate and useful information and intelligent points of view (even if filtered by my selective opinion) by doing things like sharing external links to many great sites and resources on the web, found in my own search for truth and enlightenment.

  • I want to help expose the apparent but sometimes "hidden thorns" in religion: religious cons and frauds, the dangers of fanaticism, the evils of hard core extremists, the hatred that comes with religious intolerance, prejudiced or ignorant misinformation, religious pride and hypocrisy, narrow minded or channel locked thinking and beliefs, "sanitized" or selective memory of religious history and finally the dangers of religious naivety.  I may add to this list... (did I miss anything? ...where is my Superman cape, Lois?)

  • In addition to encouraging religious tolerance I also want to help encourage and inspire religious awareness and earnest, open minded introspection both individually and collectively.  However, the degree of difficulty of such an endeavour, at least on a global level, might be comparable to trying to put an end to world poverty and hunger and bringing about world peace.  None the less, I feel that a good start, in working in this direction would be helping educate people by giving them easy access to unbiased information on world religions and their global impact; information that would be both accurate and objective as can humanly be.  At present, the best resource I have found on the World Wide Web for such is the "Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (OCRT).  This super resource of well researched and maintained information on world religions and how they impact and shape our world for both good and bad, appears to be the diligent work of an intelligent, honest group who seem responsible in disseminating such information fairly.  It is a must see for anyone seriously concerned or involved with any aspect of religion and has been a wellspring of inspiration for much of the content on this, my own site (I've even "stolen" a few lines and ideas from this very respectable work.)
  • Finally it is my sincere hope that my efforts will inspire and help at least some people, including non-believers, and people of all faiths to ask probing questions that come from a sincere heart's desire to know who Jesus Christ really is and in so doing grow to love or at least appreciate the wonderful and divine being that is our Lord.

Rules of Engagement


Disclaimers & Dissociation